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We have built a very consistent and bonded team! Friends & Partners with a broad variety of complementary skills sets.
Our main focus is to deliver high end web Applications and our passion gamification and creating web based Games

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  • Ioustinos Sarris

    CEO & Product Manager
  • Ioustinos puts in some vision, some control, a bit of everything. Does most of the boring stuff, most of the super fun stuff, and keeps the team running! He is keen on building efficient algorithms and loves to work on enhancing the interface with Javascript.

  • Master Skills: Team Leading, Algorithms, Math Approach to Solving Problems, Fast Coder
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  • Thomas Papaspiros

    CTO & Lead Developer
  • Thomas is the Lead Developer and System Architect in our team. Structured, agile with a certain thing for time efficiency and spamming everyone to provide him with reports!

  • Master Skills: PHP and CakePHP, MySQL, Application Architecture and Performance, Structured Coder

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  • Alex Lingris

    All-Around Developer
  • Alex is our versatile, all-around developer. He is very keen on trying new technologies and, proficient with both backend and frontend. He seems to love a whole lot of platforms and languages!

  • Master Skills: HTML5 Canvas and Javascript guru, Python, Fuel Php, Web Sockets, Fast Adaptor

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  • Dimitris Makris

    Front End Developer
  • Dimitris is the Front End Specialist. He can't stop talking about web standards and sleeps with a CSS3+HTML5 book under his pillow. Also very keen on designing structured and clean web pages.

  • Master Skills: HTML5 and CSS3 super expert, Wordpress, Photoshop, Attention to Detail


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Either collectively or individually we have worked on various projects, for clients or for ourselves.


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We have utilized different new and established technologies in our development and have a wide range of skills. We tailor our technology solutions to the requirements and needs of our clients. We are good listeners.

  • PHP

    We are very proficient with PHP and have mastered it using the CakePHP framework, which is one of the most versatile and stable frameworks out there. As projects went by we put our focus on optimizing performance of our applications leading us to being able to build large scale projects with lightweight footprints. Thomas in CakePHP is like Neo in the Matrix.

  • MySQL

    MySql is the primary database we are working on. Our team's members have developed amazing skills in normalising and optimizing MySQL databases for any purposes. Ask for a query and Thomas with Alex will compete on who will create the fastest query.

  • Python

    The team has been experimenting with Python and getting close to mastering this language as well. The long arguments about PHP vs Python are now more and more frequent.

  • Cloud Hosting

    We have worked with various Cloud Hosting providers and regarding hosting capabilities we can setup and deliver a fully scalable application.

  • HTML & CSS

    We have always been working with respect to the web standards and always making sure that our sites work perfectly on all browsers. We feel safe to claim that our HTML and CSS code are as clean, structured and professional it can get. Dimitris will mention the word "clean code" at about 35 times a day.

  • Javascript

    We do love Javascript. Ioustinos most of us all. We have worked with all major frameworks (prototype, JQuery, Coffeescript) and feel very comfortable to create all those interactive goodies your visitors love

  • MongoDB & Redis

    Mainly through the experimental development of games which require constant interaction and many writes on the DB the team has implemented solutions with basic key-value databases such as MongoDB and Redis.

  • Mobile Development

    For the mobile applications that we developed we have gone down all main paths of development and have understood their pros and cons in regards with development time, maintenance of code and stability of the app. We have developmed HTML5 apps, HTML5 with wrappers, apps using cross compiling platforms (Appcelerator) and native apps as well.

  • PHP 95%

  • HTML & CSS90%

  • Javascript85%

  • MySQL 90%

  • Python65%

  • MongoDB & Redis70%

  • Cloud Hosting75%

  • Mobile Dev75%

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